MacDermot Clan Association

A welcome to all MacDermots (whatever variant of spelling), and to others who wish to learn something of a typical Irish Clan

The MacDermots originate from a group of Celtic Clans who dominated Connacht in early Christian times. In the 10th century a deal was made between two brothers, whereby the younger, our ancestor Mulrooney, relinquished all claims to the Kingship of Connacht in exchange for the lands of Moylurg.

The MacDermots occupied Moylurg from then until the end of the 16th century, the exploits of their leaders being documented by monks in the Annals of Lough Key. From then on the dispersal of the Clan began, mostly as a result of the takeover of the lands by planter families, rewarded by land grants for their service to the English Crown. The diaspora reached its climax in the 19th century at the time of the Great Hunger

The MacDermot Clan Association
was established in 1993. Its mission is to gather and conserve genealogical information, to foster links between McDermotts worldwide and to provide a connection with the ancestral lands in Ireland.It does this by:
  • organising Clan Gatherings in Ireland, and local reunions around the world in places where McDermotts are located;
  • the publication of a McDermott Journal, and periodical newsletters;
  • the sale of official McDermott merchandise in order to raise funds for Clan Association activities;
  • the maintenance and development of this website.

On this website you can:

  • learn something of MacDermot history;
  • do research on your McDermott ancestors
  • see something of the country from which the McDermots come
  • contact other MacDermotts.

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