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The MacDermot Clan association is open to all descendants of MacDermot and members of families who share the same ancient roots in the area of the ancient kingdom of Moylurg, which is now Co. Roscommon (and parts of Sligo) in the province of Connacht, Ireland. The Association is open to those who bear the name MacDermot, MacDermott, McDermot, McDermott, MacDermottroe, McDermottroe, Mac Diarmada, MacDormand, Dermott, Dermody, Kermode, Mulrooney. There may indeed be other variations upon the spelling which may also be considered.

The purpose of the Association are to

Membership rates are as follows:

Please forward all subscriptions to:
Siobhan MacDermot,
(PO Box available shortly)

Members receive a certificate of membership and the annual Journal free of charge. They are entitled to avail of the knowledge of the Clan Association regarding research and communication with other MacDermots. Discounts are applicable for events ( such as the Gathering ) and are available to MacDermot members. Family membership rates are available.

MacDermot Products:

A Laminated A1 size ( 594mm x 841mm ) Family Tree is available for 15.00 inc p+p or $25.00 inc p+p overseas. The family tree shows the direct line as it descends from Mulrooney AD 956.
"MacDermot of Moylurg" by Dermot MacDermot has been published and was launched at the 1996 Gathering in Boyle. It is an exhaustive study of MacDermots and their life and times from earliest times until the last century. The book touches upon social, religious, economic issues as well as macro and micro politics. It took over ten years to research and write and will run to approximately 400 pages including maps and trees. The book deals in a large part also with branches and sub septs of the MacDermot Clan.
MacDermot greeting cards are also available

For further information on these items send e-mail to members@macdermot.com
Subscriptions should be sent by post to Siobhan MacDermot at.
(PO Box available shortly)

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